frequently asked questions

1. What is the English level you require:
English language proficiency is a must requirement for all applicants to P&G. English is the common language of communication in P&G across all 180 countries where we operate. 

We do not require certificates or test results, but we do expect you to speak and understand Business English with ease. During the interviews you will be asked to speak in English to verify this.

2. Recruitment Tips
We offer amazing career opportunities to the candidates who have completed our comprehensive and challenging recruitment process designed to ensure long term success at P&G. 

Here you can find some tips to help you throughout your recruitment process:

How to prepare for a CV: 
A well designed resume will determine the first impression about you. Therefore, we highly recommend you to spend quality time on preparing a resume that gives the most important information about yourself. 

A - The aim of preparing resume:
A well prepared resume is a summary, explaining who you are, your skills, knowledge and what you aim. If a resume is not prepared and presented powerful enough, it could not compete with the other candidates’ resumes and achieve the goal. The main purpose of a resume is to catch a call from your interested company to interview.

B - How should be a well-prepared resume look like?  
The required information that should be in the resume of new graduates are as follows:

Personal Information: Name, surname, phone number, e-mail address etc.
Career goals: Describe your career goals concisely as well as your desired job.
- Education: Describe your education background (high school graduation and further) beginning with the last one. Do indicate your graduation year, your major and information about additional educational programs if any. 
- Job and Internship experiences: Mention job/internship experiences (such as project/periodic experiences); beginning with the last one, your responsibilities and your achievements.
- Skills related to job: Include your technical and non-technical skills and knowledge that you consider as important. Software and language skills and other competencies may be added in this section. 
- Extra curricular activities / Leadership positions: Provide information about your areas of interests, trainings completed, rewards, extra curricular activities such as student club membership and any leadership positions

C - The most important factors for P&G in recruitment process:
The tools we use in recruitment process (Online Assessment – Reasoning Test – Interviews), are designed to evaluate the future performance of candidates and select the best candidate. The most important criteria to screen candidates’ resume for P&G are as follows: 

English: Since English skills are a necessity at all positions in P&G, high proficiency in English is one of the most important criteria. 
Extracurricular Activities: Our interviews are competency and behavioral based interviews and intended to learn and analyze past experiences of candidates. The candidates, who have taken roles in extra curricular activities, may have more opportunities to improve various skills such as leadership, innovative thinking, collaboration, which are important for P&G. We highly recommend mentioning them in your resume.
Internship and part time job experiences: The candidates, who have internship and part time job experience, may had chance to improve business related skills. Hence it is important to clearly mention about these experiences.- International Experiences (Exchange Program): Describing international experience in a resume is also an important issue. Such kind of an experience plays important role in improving change management and team work skills.
Grade Point Average (GPA): We do not find any correlation of GPA and success at P&G, so we  do not take the GPA into consideration. 

Get prepared for interviews
We use behavioral-based interviews to get to know you. The real you. What motivates you? What have you accomplished so far? To do this we’ll ask questions about previous accomplishments or how you’ve handled situations in the past. We are looking to see how you relate to, compare with and connect with our Success Drivers (see Qualities We look For). This is also your opportunity to find out about us. We believe two-way communication starts from day one, so ask away.  Click here for more Interview Information.

3. What is Reasoning Test
Reasoning Test gives us information about your analytical abilities and competencies, therefore, you should think on the questions and answer them seriously. You can find a Reasoning Test Sample and answer key to get prepared for the test. CLICK HERE

4. My major / specialization is different than function I am interested in.  Can I still apply?
Yes. You can apply to ANY vacancy/function with ANY background. You DON’T need the same major/specialization. You DON’T need previous work experience. What you need is good English, strong leadership and communication skills, passion for winning and desire to succeed

5.  Can I apply for more than one function / vacancy?
We hire the person not the position. That means we only look for our corporate "Success Drivers" for any positions we have. So you will go through one standard recruitment process testing the "Success Drivers" for only one of the vacancies.

6.  Is internship paid?
Yes, our interns receive competitive monthly salary.

7. I just graduated, can I start in P&G as Intern?
Internship is offered only to penultimate and final year bachelor students. If you have already graduated, please consider full-time positions.