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Research & Development

What does it take to come up with some of the world’s most well-known brands? Well, a whole lot of science, to start. Some of the best researchers in the world go to work making the products just right for the billions of consumers who use names like Pampers, Tide, Pantene and Gillette every day. We’re talking cutting-edge technology, “hands-on” labs and pilot plants, 41,000+ active patents and a team full of inventors. From researchers to scientists and more, we’re looking to hire some serious talent for our R&D team. Browse our open positions and find a role that fits your educational background and skill set. 

Research & Development Roles

R&D Researchers
Researchers design and perform the experimental work of day-to-day applied research, including generating and analyzing data. Their work is typically “hands on”, in a lab or pilot plant, at a clinical site, on a computer, or with consumers. These tasks are a vital part of the R&D process. Researchers typically get their project direction from an Engineer or PhD Scientist.

Who is a fit For a R&D Researcher Role?

Two- or four-year degree, in most science disciplines. Demonstrated lab/research experience is preferred.

R&D Engineers
Engineers use their engineering and leadership skills to lead the innovation process. They apply scientific principles to solve significant technical problems and to deliver breakthrough products, processes, raw materials, and packaging technologies that delight consumers.

Who is a fit For a R&D Engineering Role?

Bachelors or Masters degree in Engineering is required. Degrees in Chemical, Mechanical, Materials, or Biomedical Engineering are preferred.

R&D Scientists
PhD Scientists use their fundamental research skills to advance our understanding and application of science. They work on exciting, cutting-edge technologies, and bring forward new technical insights based on their original ideas. The application of their work leads to products, processes, raw materials, and packaging technologies that delight consumers.

Who is a fit For a R&D Scientist Role?
Doctoral or Post-Doctoral scientists in STEM disciplines, such as Life Sciences, Chemistry, Material Science, Engineering, Veterinary Science, and Nutrition. 

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Career Paths in R&D

R&D’s Technical Career System (TCS)
In R&D, we have two entry levels: “Researcher “and “Scientist/Engineer”. From day one, you'll work and grow alongside highly talented people, face new and exciting challenges, and touch and improve the lives of the world’s consumers. Then, as you grow and develop your capabilities, you will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility. The Technical Career System (shown below) recognizes and advances employees based on technical mastery, leadership, and sustained contributions.

Flexible Career Path
Our Technical Career System also enables employees to match their skills and interests to the right roles. There is a Technologist Track, for those highly technical individuals who aspire to a career of scientific excellence and innovating discontinuous solutions. And there is a Management Track for those who aspire to a career of leading and planning the research process by managing projects, personnel, and budgets. Don’t worry, you don’t need to decide which track you want to pursue right away. We know your interests may change as you grow and develop. The choice of what track to pursue is made at the Senior Scientist/Engineer level.